Every watch has a story. Let’s tell them.

Back in my early days of journalism at the late, great Weekly Standard, our publisher Terry Eastland would give his trademark laugh and remark “That’s a casual” if you told him a good story. Our weekly magazine (RIP) had a “Casual” essay in every issue, where a writer on the masthead told, in a 800 word essay, a personal story of some sort.

That’s what we’re going to try to do here. But only about watches.

A watch often—but not always—can tell you what a bit about what makes somebody tick. Why would you wear a watch if you hate it or doesn’t work? Or wear an ugly watch, a dead watch? Why are you a stone cold freak wearing two watches like Norman Schwarzkopf when you could just wear a GMT or a G Shock with world time? People have their reasons, and in those reasons are often stories worth telling.

Can I share my story here?

I’d love to hear it. Drop me a line. At a minimum, I think 800 words and at least one picture. Ideally, the watch should be yours, in your possession, or, as an exception, very close to your family. There are great stories you can write about other peoples’ watches and their stories, but we’re not looking for those. It should be your story.

Do I have to be a professional writer?

What? Get out of here. No. Do you have a story about your watch, a phone to take pictures of it, and a computer? If yes, email me. Since we don’t charge for subscriptions, we don’t pay. This is a passion project.

Will you review my watch if I send you one?

Can I send you guys a free watch because I like you?

The point of this free passion project is telling a personal story about a watch, what it means, etc. It’s not a watch review site. But if you want to send us free watches, you can! Why you would is your business.

Do you do giveaways?

Yes. We give away fun stories. For free. I know that’s a popular thing on Instagram for watch accounts to grow their following, but there’s nothing to give away since we don’t do reviews. But if your brand wants to give away a watch, I’m all ears.

What’s the social situation?

Instagram. BlueSky. WatchCrunch.

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In every watch, there is a story. This site exists to tell stories about watches and the people who wore them.


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